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Recommendations: kdjfskjdf;lsjfi;s;j;

Customize Order: Customized versions of this arrangement are available. Please contact the studio at 718.624.2929 to speak with a designer to customize arrangement's color palette, floral mix and vessel.

Pickup: kdjfskjdf;lsjfi;s;j;fksjfksdjfksmfksnvksnkdjfksljfdl kdjfskjdf;lsjfi;s;j;fksjfksdjfksmfksnvksnkdjfksljfdl

Delivery: kdjfskjdf;lsjfi;s;j;fksjfksdjfksmfksnvksnkdjfksljfdl kdjfskjdf;lsjfi;s;j;fksjfksdjfksmfksnvksnkdjfksljfdl. Delivery cost not included. 

Note: No two arrangements are alike; each one is unique depending on availability of blooms and the designer. Consider all photography an example of size and style, but specific flowers and vessels may differ depending on availability.

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