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Our Process 

Molly Taylor and Co. takes great time and care in creating a personalized approach to every wedding collaboration; customizing each aspect of the design to perfectly complement the aesthetic of the client.

Summer is a busy time at Molly Taylor and Co. Due to high demand and the nature of the short wedding season, we now have to limit the number of weddings and special events we take on from May through October. Scaling back on the projects we accept allows us to maintain our priority of providing clients with the utmost focus and attention.   


Design Approach
We are lucky that in Ohio each season brings different textures, colors, foliage and blooms. Our work involves implementing locally grown and unique garden flowers into our designs whenever possible. This approach allows us to get outside and to create designs that are ever changing and evolving.  

Brides-to-be can schedule a consultation by filling out the form below. We will follow-up directly to schedule a time to meet.  Request Consultation

We love to travel and are available for weddings or events nationally and internationally. Our strong relationships with growers all over the country and abroad allow us to source the best, local-to-the-area blooms whenever possible. 



Step 1: Consultation
Step 2: Quote/design/sketches
Step 3: Sign contract/Non-Refundable Deposit

Phase 1: 6-12 months


4 weeks: Final design meeting
3 weeks: Order flowers/invoice
2 weeks: Payment due

Phase 2: 1-4 weeks

3 days: Flowers arrive/begin design
Day of: Delivery, setup of ceremony/reception decor, tear down/pick up rentals

Phase 3: week of wedding